One of our Add-Ons this month is access to an amazing video series created by Stanley Rosenberg (for more information on Stanley, go here).  Stanley has written a powerful book, The Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve:  Self-Help Exercises for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Autism.  A highly skilled body therapist, expert cranio-sacral practitioner, Rolfer, advanced osteopath, and visceral massage therapist, Stanley received rave reviews for his 2018 webinar with us last April.

Now Stanley has created a series of 5 videos related to working with scar tissue.  This is a very important topic for our 2019 Pain program, since many post-surgical pain problems can be related to the creation of scar tissue.

You can have exclusive access to this series which includes Stanley’s discussion of the vagal nerve and how to work with scar tissue, and then several video demonstrations to illustrate his approach with pain.

We’re offering this at a special price and only through March 31st.  You can order replay of the 5 videos alone or you can also add an mp3 of my 2018 webinar with Stanley on working with the vagal nerve to create a package.
To purchase, click the link of your choice below:

Thanks for letting me support you.  I really believe this add-on will benefit your work with pain.