The First U.S. Certification Program in Ego-State Therapy

A Brief History

Ego-State Therapy was developed by Jack and Helen Watkins (1979) as a method to work with the personality, which consists of the executive self and other states which impact the “executive” mostly in an unconscious manner. Ego-states are on a continuum ranging from those with flexible boundaries that can take in and share new information to those with rigid impermeable boundaries that are hidden from awareness by walls of dissociation related to trauma. The Watkins used hypnosis as well as non-hypnotic methods to activate and work with ego-states to help resolve symptoms and conflicts, and to bring cohesiveness and empowerment to the inner family of self.


Maggie was fortunate to study with and teach with the Watkins starting in the early 1990’s, and then to help bring Ego-State Therapy to Europe and other countries. At present, there are 15 countries that are developing Ego-State Therapy certification programs, and it is time now to refocus this teaching in the United States. Maggie is joined by many professionals who studied with the Watkins, and together they form Ego-State Therapy North America (ESTNA), an affiliate of Ego-State Therapy International.

Why Ego-State Therapy, What Will I Learn?

Unlike other “parts” models, EST gives freedom to therapist and client to allow the inner ego state system to unfold. Labels are not given to various states and ego states are not slotted to fit into various categories.

Ego-State Therapy has demonstrated success with complex relational trauma, dissociative disorders, and Dissociative Identity Disorder, as well as PTSD, anxiety, pain, depression, and other less complex problems.


  • How to find and work with somatic and nonverbal states that can strengthen the self as well as unlock chronic symptoms;
  • Strategies to access and repair developmental and attachment trauma as well as states connected with abuse, neglect, and shock trauma;
  • How to use Ego-State approaches to teach skills such as affect-regulation, safety and stabilization,
    empathy and cooperation.


A total of 52 CE’s available for an additional fee of $40

All courses approved toward ESTI certification.


September 21-23    Foundations in Ego-State Therapy

September 25-26    Intermediate EST:  Demonstrations & Consultation

September 27-29    Advanced EST: Somatic Ego-State Therapy®

9:30 am to 5 pm Daily – Lunch 12:30 – 2:00 pm

Foundations of Ego-State Therapy (September 21-23)

This 3-day workshop is designed for professionals who have not had formal training in Ego-State Therapy or who want to update their understanding and skills.

The Foundations course emphasizes theory and clinical skills such as working with the conflict-free self.  participants will learn how to identify and work with ego states that provide strength and resource while also learning to work toward cooperation with states that are dissociated, damaged, or destructive.  you will also learn to create a conflict-free platform for expanding the self beyond the constrictions of trauma and practice a simple 3-step model that can help stimulate corrective experiences, symptom relief, and contribute to integration.  You will also develop a toolbox that will support you to develop interventions for many of the clients with whom you work.

  The fee for this workshop is $525.  6.5 CE’s per day are possible for an additional fee of $20

Tuesday, September 24th

Is a free day to meet with faculty or explore the Bay area.

Intermediate EST:   Demonstrations, Consultations, and Evaluations (September 25-26)

This two-day workshop is designed for professionals who want to learn from clinical demonstrations and discussion of various applications of Ego-State Therapy, as well as presenting their own work for feedback.  Focused on participants who want to explore Ego-State Therapy in depth within a small group setting.  Learning will include a faculty demonstrations and clinical role-plays and discussions to help you apply this approach to a wide spectrum of clients.  The focus will be on skill development including how to develop safety with highly challenging clients and how to teach clients ways of regulating dissociation, high somatosensory activation, and intense emotional reactions.

The fee is $325.  6.5 CE’s per day are possible for an additional fee of $20

Advanced Workshop in Ego-State Therapy:  Somatic Ego-State Therapy® (September 27-29)

This 3-day training will teach attendees how to find and work with somatic, preverbal, and nonverbal states to strengthen the self as well as to unlock chronic symptoms.  The focus is on the synthesis of Somatic Experiencing and ego-State Therapy with Polyvagal Theory.  Participants will learn various ways to help clients connect with and explore their body experience, learning to stay with and expand beyond traumatic constriction and move into states of connection, wholeness, and flow.  Special attention will be given to work with prenatal, postnatal and perinatal trauma and how to apply somatic and ego state strategies to retrieve preverbal clues and resources.  The fee is $525.  6.5 CE’s per day are possible for an additional fee of $20

Registration Bonuses!

  1. Working with the “I” of Trauma with Internal Family Systems and Ego-State Therapy with Dr. Richard Schwartz and Dr Maggie Phillips: Audio and transcript.
  2. Empowering the Self through Ego-State Therapy with Dr. Claire Frederick and Dr. Maggie Phillips: Audio and e-book.
  3. How Somatic Ego-State Therapy Can Help You Create Your Strongest Self with Dr. Diane Heller and Dr. Maggie Phillips: Audio and transcript.
  4. Clinical Intensive in Ego-State Therapy with Dr. Claire Frederick and Dr. Maggie Phillips: Audio and e-book.
  5. Ego-State Therapy and MindBody Healing with Dr. Claire Frederick and Dr. Maggie Phillips. Includes audio and written transcript.
  6. Somatic Ego-State Therapy® with Dr. Maggie Phillips. Written transcript and audio.
  7. Working with Specific Ego-State Approaches to Promote Wholeness and Relieve Pain with Wendy Lemke and Maggie Phillips.  Video replay and written transcript.
  8. EMDR Consultation with Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders with Dr. Laurel Parnell and Dr. Maggie Phillips.  Audio and transcript.
  9. Structural Dissociation, Internal Family system, and Mindfulness:  A Stabilization Model with Dr. Janina Fisher and Dr. Maggie Phillips.  Video replay, and audio download.

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The workshops will be held in the lovely setting of the Mercy Center in Burlingame, California, 15 minutes from the San Francisco airport.  A number of single rooms are reserved for the Ego-State Therapy training at the low price of $154 per day, which includes 3 meals per day.  Of course, you are free to explore other possibilities including Air B&B and nearby hotels.  Onsite rooms are limited so if you are traveling to attend these events, it is best to reserve your room as soon as possible.  TO RESERVE YOUR ROOM – visit  Payment will be made to Maggie who will then compensate the center.  Each day’s training is expected to end at 5:00 pm PT.  Should you wish to commute, $75 per day is available for lunch and parking.


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