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Freedom From Pain – eBook

Maggie Phillips and Peter Levine. Highlights from their multiple session Freedom From Pain Online Course.
Topics Include:
The relationships between pain and trauma  ~  Neuromuscular, polyvagal, emotional, and cognitive mechanics of pain experience  ~  Explicit and implicit memory and how each impacts pain  ~  How to identify and work with pain triggers and coupling dynamics  ~  How to help pain clients stay within their window of tolerance and gradually expand into a window of comfort ~ Case examples involving multiple kinds of pain conditions and strategies for re-regulation and resolution.

70 Pages   $24.99  Purchase Here

Empowering the Self Through Ego-State Therapy – eBook

This is a masterful book by two of the master teachers of Ego-State Therapy. The contents include:

• Creative Strategies for Recognizing, Eliciting, and Building Alliances with Ego-States;

• Designing Symptom Resolution and Corrective Experiences that Utilize Neuroplasticity and Facilitate Integration;

• Developmental Issues: Maturation, Malevolent Alters, Attachment: Expanding the Core Self Through Developmental Repair;

• Special Topics in Ego-State Therapy

Maggie Phillips and Claire Frederick

59 Pages  $19.99  Purchase Here

Clinical Intensive in Ego-State Therapy – eBook

This e-book contains a four part teleseminar by Maggie Phillips and Claire Frederick. Learn the art and science of practicing ego-state therapy.

Topics Include:

Beginnings in Ego-State Therapy ~ Stages of Ego-State Therapy ~ How to work with Ego-States ~ Discussion of Cases ~ Clinical Questions and Answers

141 pages  $29.99  Purchase Here

Ten Ways to Stop Pain From Stopping You!

One of the hallmarks of any pain condition that persists despite all efforts for healing is a feeling of despair and helplessness. There is hope! As a result of many years working with people who struggle with persistent and chronic pain, Maggie shares 10 proven ways you can stop pain before it stops you.

28 Pages  $9.99  Purchase Here

 Healing Pain Through Hypnosis and Imagery – eBook

Imagine… if you could create the life you want rather than the life pain seems to demand
Imagine… if you could change your pain by changing your images and beliefs about pain in your mind
Imagine… thinking that this is not too good to be true

Stop and reflect for a moment, is there anything more powerful than your creative imagination, or your power to envision or actualize your healing interventions? Enjoy this guide to combining two powerful tools for pain.

11 Pages  $9.99  Purchase Here

How to Create Lasting Change in Body Experience – eBook

There are many factors that influence initiation of positive body experience for people who are  in pain or who are suffering from health problems or posttraumatic stress.  An important  consideration is to identify portals into a given individual’s body experience that will serve to  maximize their successful attempts at self‐regulation of distressing and painful experience.

By Maggie Phillips

23 Pages  $9.99  Purchase Here

Published Books

The following published books, book/CD programs, and mp3 downloads are also available through related websites.

Freedom from Pain – Discover Your Body’s Power to Overcome Physical Pain

Peter A. Levine and Maggie Phillips. If you are suffering chronic pain—even after years of surgery, rehabilitation, and medication—only one question matters: How do I find lasting relief? With Freedom from Pain, two pioneers in the field of pain and trauma recovery address a crucial missing factor essential to long-term healing: addressing the unresolved emotional trauma held within the body. Purchase Here

Reversing Chronic Pain

Since its release in September 2007, Maggie Phillips’ newest book, Reversing Chronic Pain, has been the #1 bestseller among books on mind and body health on Each chapter presents a body-centered skill set to reverse chronic and persistent pain. The resulting interlinked somatic building blocks help readers shift from physical pain to body awareness, and from unstoppable suffering to heartfelt connection and peace.  Purchase Here

Finding the Energy to Heal

Maggie Phillips demonstrates that we all have the ability to heal. This capacity exists within us in the form of energy which, when channeled effectively, can free us from mind-body health problems. Based on the exciting new fields of energy medicine and energy psychology, this book explains the relationship between mind and body and the latest methods of working with healing energies.  Purchase Here

Healing the Divided Self

Written by Maggie Phillips, Ph.D., & Claire Frederick, M.D., is one of the first step-by-step guides to the comprehensive treatment of the entire spectrum of psychological difficulties related to dissociative and post-traumatic conditions. This book presents ways that clinical and Ericksonian hypnosis can be used to help with ego-building, uncovering links to childhood and later-life traumatic events, and the reworking of painful stored experiences using internal resources.
Learn more and Purchase Here

Hypnosis:  The Pain Solution


This CD audio program by Maggie Phillips, Hypnosis: The Pain Solution, offers a no nonsense approach to pain management. Designed for people who are not responding to typical pain interventions, this program will provide you with a thorough understanding of how pain works, and comprehensive tools to overcome it.

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