You can purchase the entire program or any single module at any time – you will receive links with all data for past webinars.

The Basic Option provides you with a seat at the live webinar.  Links to all data (video, audio, study guide, bonuses) are also included.  Video is not downloadable

The Upgrade Option provides you with the Basic option PLUS – you will receive the video on DVD and audio and study guide on CD.

Purchase Options for Professionals

Module 1 – March 2019
Basic $85   |  Upgrade $105

Module 2 – April 2019
Basic $85   |  Upgrade $105

Module 3 – September/October 2019
Basic $85   |  Upgrade $105

Module 4 – October/November 2019
Featuring Dr. Raja Selvam
Basic $85   |  Upgrade $105

We strongly recommend that you consider signing up for the entire professional training program. Your skill level in treating pain will rise exponentially if you complete all four modules. AND, as an extra sign-up bonus, we will include a free gift of Mark Grant’s webinar on EMDR with Pain.

Professional Bundle: ALL 4 Modules
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Purchase Options for People in Pain

Module 1 – May 2019
Basic $50   |  Upgrade $75

Module 2 – November 2019
Basic $50   |  Upgrade $75

Both Modules
Basic $85 | Upgrade $130


Thank you, Maggie, for your ability to unite the powerful forces of body, mind, and spirit to offer hope to those in chronic pain. Your skillful blend of science and philosophy makes this program appealing to individuals who want to understand why things work, as well as to individuals who just want to know there’s something they can do to help themselves. You’ve addressed delicate issues, such as victimization, in a compassionate and non-judgmental style. Your program offers safe, effective, and no-cost strategies that are often overlooked by others. As a therapist, I’ve found some of the techniques to be just as helpful for emotional pain as for physical pain. Your success with this program means success for those who make the commitment to reduce chronic pain.
As a counselor I have worked with a high number of people coping with chronic pain and other debilitating health conditions that also create challenges on a mental health level. I am impressed by the comprehensive, holistic approach to pain management that Maggie Phillips offers. She addresses the whole person, not just the symptom, which is my own philosophy as well. I often recommend her books, audio materials and the online Reversing Chronic Pain Program to my clients as a valuable set of resources to help them cope on a daily basis.

S. Sexton, MSW, RSW, Palliative Care Cert.
Initially, Maggie’s pain program really helped me to feel less overwhelmed and hopeless about being able to successfully manage my chronic pain syndromes. After several months of use, I am incorporating her protocols into my everyday life and obtaining significant relief.
T. Owens
I have to confess that I was very skeptical when I began the pain program but after practicing the initial techniques I found that my pain was diminishing. This gave me back the hope that I had lost through my battle with chronic pain.
Glenda B.
As someone who suffers from chronic migraines, I have found Maggie’s programme to be very helpful. She provides numerous different techniques to try, and it is a relief to have some options apart from medication!
L. de Beer