Are you one of the many people who:

  • Experience pain every day?
  • Find your injury has healed, yet you are still in pain?
  • Have developed an autoimmune illness?
  • No longer want to take costly medications?
  • Feeling frustration, despair or depression due to your pain?
  • Have decided there must be a better way to treat the pain?

It’s normal to feel despair, even when working with a good professional therapist. Pain that keeps persisting and perhaps becomes worse over time creates a lot of these feelings. We can offer you techniques that will help your work with your therapist and other pain professionals become more effective.

If you’ve all but given up hope…Don’t! 

Proven, Powerful Tools Can Help You, Too

Your first step is to read an overview of this course.  Then check out my online Reversing Online Pain program and the Pain Coaching program included in your registration.  (take a peek now at  You will move through the programs at your own pace; there is no pressure to finish these programs by the time the People in Pain module has been completed.  They are yours to keep so that you can keep learning.  It takes time to develop new skills and we want to make sure that you get the kind of support that makes a difference.

Please consider signing up for online training that has proven effective for many people who live with persistent pain on a daily basis. Our online training is for people who have been struggling with any kind of pain.

Registration will provide you with two ways of learning the skills that can help you leave debilitating pain behind you. You will engage in the Reversing Chronic Pain and the Pain Coaching programs as well as the opportunity to attend each webinar live or to watch the replay when it’s convenient for you.  All links to replays as well as additional materials will be posted on a special member page.  You will receive a username and password to access this valuable material.  The webinars will provide opportunity to interact with other participants in this program and to ask questions that are important to you.  Dates for the live webinars will be provided soon.

Most importantly, you will learn how you can stop pain from stopping you.

This course is designed to teach you how to stop pain from stopping you by developing skills, not consuming pills.  The best way to do this is by learning to use your own internal resources to develop reliable relief.

This program will also teach you how to:

  • Explore the root causes of pain to find permanent relief
  • Learn about the polyvagal theory of neuroscience and how unreleased survival responses (fight, flight, freeze) can be linked to ongoing pain in the mindbody system
  • Trust yourself as well as treating professionals to permanently resolve pain by working as partners
  • Teach you the latest principles of good pain treatment, lead you in practice exercises, and help you keep a special kind of online pain journal

Here’s some feedback we’ve received about these programs:

The pain coaching program added to the on-line program because it helped me use my preferred learning style better.  I learn by hearing and doing better then just reading.  By hearing Maggie, I could try what I learned with a much better understanding cognitively and emotionally versus what I read and heard.  Maggie gave me the tools to use to empower myself to get out of the bad flares without becoming so anxious and depressed because I am now armed with the tools to take the pain down a few notches where I can handle it.     Patti O

Initially, Maggie’s pain program really helped me to feel less overwhelmed and hopeless about being able to successfully manage my chronic pain syndromes.  After several months of use, I am incorporating her protocols into my everyday life and obtaining significant relief.   
 Theresa O


The Reversing Chronic Pain Program offers a much needed and often overlooked aspect in the treatment of pain… education in the understanding of all facets of pain.  I feel this is one of the most effective learning tools I’ve ever seen.    John F. Iams, M.A., P.T.  “America’s Pain & Stress Therapist™

What You Will Receive

Maggie Phillips' Best Practices in Therapy

Each registrant will receive access to the 10-Step Reversing Chronic Pain program and online access to Coaching for Success Audios as well as Webinars, Video Replay & Audio Download, Written Transcripts of all Webinar and Video Trainings,  Additional Learning Materials Related to Each Month’s Topics, Handouts, Articles, Video clips of Demonstrations and Brief Presentations, Continuing Education Credits, Upgrades to CD and DVDs that can be delivered to your door, Maggie’s Money Back Guarantee!


Module 1: May 2019

The first session is particularly focused on people who have been struggling with any kind of pain for 6 months or longer. You will learn how to obtain more reliable results with your pain.

Practice methods to reduce pain and explore how trauma may be a significant root cause. Explore the polyvagal theory of neuroscience and how unreleased survival responses  (fight, flight, freeze) can be linked to ongoing pain in your mindbody system.

Learn how to work in partnership with yourself, your therapist and other healing professionals to permanently resolve pain through co-regulation. We include videos teaching the latest principles of good pain treatment, practice exercises and how to get the most out of an online pain journal.


Module 2: January-February2020


Harvard Medical School, along with other well-regarded pain treatment programs, has recently emphasized various ways to use mind and body to control pain and reduce the need for medication, especially opiates. Meditation, yoga, the power of positive thinking, and somatic approaches have also been useful in shifting away from established pain signals and pathways. Research clearly demonstrates now that all-natural approaches used by trained practitioners can provide better control over even long-term chronic pain than medication.

This month’s featured webinar to be held on Friday, January 31st, highlights Dr. Tammara Moore, highly experienced Physical Therapist and Active Release practitioner in the Bay area. Tammara has worked successfully with many athletes and peak performance issues as well as helping individuals who struggle with chronic pain due to accidents, injuries, surgery, and autoimmune disease.You will learn to respond to setbacks in your condition, how to relate to past trauma and high current stresses (including holidays and family difficulties) and to the negative effects of your pain condition.

Discover how inner parts of yourself may be stopping your recovery from pain and how you can discover inner resource states to promote progress.

Set goals aimed at life changes, as well as changes in pain, and learn how to support yourself through emotional and physical difficulties through relationships with loved ones, friends, and helping professionals.

You’re not alone in your suffering. Discover how much better life can be when you take control of your pain.


Purchase Options for People in Pain

Module 1 – May 2019
Basic $59   |  *Upgrade $75

Module 2 – January – February 2020

Basic $59   |  *Upgrade $75

Both Modules
Basic $108| *Upgrade $150

* Your upgrade package will include the 10-CD Coaching Pain Program, DVD’s of each webinar plus audio on CD.  All packaged in a handy binder you can access easily at home or when you travel.



Initially, Maggie’s pain program really helped me to feel less overwhelmed and hopeless about being able to successfully manage my chronic pain syndromes. After several months of use, I am incorporating her protocols into my everyday life and obtaining significant relief.
T. Owens
I have to confess that I was very skeptical when I began the pain program but after practicing the initial techniques I found that my pain was diminishing. This gave me back the hope that I had lost through my battle with chronic pain.

Maggie’s presentation is clear, concise, and well explained. She differentiates between different types of pain and what works for each type. I found this very helpful as well as the references to certain foods which can exacerbate pain.

Thank you for offering me this opportunity!

Glenda B.
As someone who suffers from chronic migraines, I have found Maggie’s programme to be very helpful. She provides numerous different techniques to try, and it is a relief to have some options apart from medication!
L. de Beer