Welcome to Maggie Phillips’ 2018 Online Training Program

Helping Complex Clients Master and Apply Their Healing Potentials


Components of the 2018 Best Practices Program

There are several components of our 2018 online program that will assist both you and your client in achieving this kind of mastery.

First, we have added an online consultation and support group.

This consultation and support group will begin Monday March 28, 2018 (8-10am PST), and continue for the rest of the year.  Requirements for membership in the group include licensure as a mental health professional (counselor, psychologist, LCSW, LMFT, psychiatrist, or equivalent) with at least ten years of experience in the mental health field. This group will “dive deep” into the work of meeting the challenges of complex clients with a specific focus on helping them to discover and master their own healing abilities.

Go here to learn more and submit an application.

Our second component is a series of three content areas: 3 in the spring, 2 in summer, and 3 in the fall.

Each content area contains several modules. The seasonal modules are: 1) Spring – How to work with clients whose complexity is due to unresolved developmental trauma, especially prenatal, perinatal, attachment trauma, early childhood trauma, and medical trauma; 2) Summer – How to work with clients who demonstrate complex fragmentation originating from complex trauma and dissociative disturbances; and 3) Fall – How to achieve forward momentum with clients who struggle with complex chronic pain and pain syndromes and complex emotional pain.

Our 2018 Schedule

Each month you will access webinars with the experts, including Dr. Bonnie Badenoch, Kathy Kain, Dr. Stanley Rosenberg, Dr. Janina Fisher, Kathy Steele, Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Raja Selvam, and Dr. Maggie Phillips (please meet these and other experts by visiting our Meet the Experts page). You will learn from each expert how to utilize the artistry of their unique methods as well as relevant science to substantiate their approaches.

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